Top 10 of 2016: #2 Frightened Rabbit – Get Out

Frightened RabbitGet Out

The annual appearance of a moody, melodic, Scottish rock band on the list! I think “Get Out” is another one that first showed up on a KEXP podcast for me, and then I think it popped up on Pandora for me a few times. And it’s just one of those songs that keeps growing on you.

It’s got this great opening line (“I’m in the arch of the chuch, between her thumb and her forefinger, I’m a worshipper”). It’s Frightened Rabbit’s typical melancholy style, and then it hits the chorus, and you get that great “Get out of my heart, she won’t, she won’t” for the first time. How can you not be hooked?

They also know that this little beauty could run out of gas, so it bows out before you even get to three and a half minutes. A little bit of brooding perfection.

3 thoughts on “Top 10 of 2016: #2 Frightened Rabbit – Get Out

  1. Since I’m bored in airport, I’ll share. I don’t have a problem with anything you’ve listed. In fact there is some stuff I just plain missed.

    Mine would be (in no particular order):

    Evelyn- Hannah Georgas
    Hey You – The Thermals
    All Night – Chance the Rapper
    Hard Drugs – SUSTO
    Shut Up and Kiss Me – Angel Olsen
    3:30 – Sylvan Esso
    Victim of Me – The Descendants
    Rich – Maren Morris
    Emotionless – Red Sun Rising
    Fill In The Blank – Car Seat Headrest

    • Took me forever to even get through the stuff I did, and I missed the new Thermals album. Which I need to go back and listen to.

      I liked but didn’t love the Chance album (same with Vince Staples). I feel like they were good albums, but I didn’t really dig any of the singles.

      • I don’t blame you. I have to wade through a lot of chaff in order to come up with what I enjoyed throughout the year. Not to mention there is a time-order effect, the stuff that is fresher is easier to retrieve. The Thermals album is very similar in construction to their last album. But it is a fun song that doesn’t overthink itself. I loved “Drinking All Night” because it spoke to those old rap songs (like “Rapper’s Delight”), melded a really tight funk groove, and was almost the punk rock of rap (2:30).

        Personal taste is what it is…

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